Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - office buildings

Designers: Lindsey, Chester, L., and Associates, Architects (firm); Selig, Martin, Real Estate (firm); Wright, Howard S., (HSW) Construction Company (firm); Chester Loren Lindsey (architect); Martin Selig (developer); Howard S. Wright (building contractor/developer)

Dates: constructed 1979-1980

18 stories, total floor area: 413,715 sq. ft.

1701 Minor Avenue
Downtown, Seattle, WA 98101

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Chester Lindsey, who worked with developer Martin Selig previously, designed the two Metropolitan East and West Office Buildings that overlooked Interstate 5 in Downtown, Seattle, WA. Chicago, IL-based Walton Street Capital defaulted on loans secured in 2005 to buy the two towers from the Benaroya Company, a Seattle real estate firm. Walton bought the "Twin Toasters," as some called the aluminum-skinned, rounded office buildings, for approximately $183 million. (Metro West changed hands for $87,890,465.00 on 10/20/2005.) In 2010, they had an appraised value of $135 million, less than the $154 million Walton owed to two lenders, LNR Partners and ING Clarion. (In 2010, LNR owned the note on Metropolitan West, ING for Metropolitan East.) Adding to Walton's difficulties were the high vacancy rates for both buildings in 2010, 38% for Metropolitan Park West, 20% for Metropolitan Park East. According to an article in the Seattle Times of 11/16/2010, both ING and LNR were working with Walton Street Capital to renegotiate the loans.

In 2010, the reinforced concrete Metropolitan West Office Building covered a 42,530-square-foot piece of property. It had 413,715 gross square feet, 329,780 net.

On 04/23/2007, the Pemco Insurance Company began remodeling of its space on the Metropolitan West's second floor; this work had been completed before 06/01/2007 and cost $400,000.