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Announcing PCAD version 4.0 posted January 15, 2015

This is a new version of the Pacific Coast Architecture database, developed over the summer and autumn of 2014. We have retroactively dubbed it "version 4.0" as it represents the fourth major stage in the technological evolution of PCAD. For more on PCAD's history, see the About page.

This version introduces a number of enhancements and new features.

A ...

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PCAD 4.0 -- Mapping Features posted January 15, 2015

With the new version of PCAD you can now view a map of buildings associated with a person or firm. This makes it possible to assess at a glance the geographic distribution of work, and in turn to navigate to building details from the map. In the future we hope to add more mapping features.


To navigate to the ...

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PCAD 4.0 -- Professional Network Visualization posted January 14, 2015

When viewing a person or a firm, click on the "network" button to see a completely new feature of PCAD: an interactive graphical display of relations between people and the firms they were associated with.


The visualization is in the form of a simple network graph.

  • Click on a node to view a menu with basic details and a ...