The Gardens of Edward Huntsman-Trout The Great Buildings Collection on CD-ROM The Historical Volume and Reference Works, Los Angeles County The History of Alta Loma, California, 1880-1980 The People's Health: Public Health Policies in Sweden,The History of Public Health and the Modern State The Jews in America: A Treasury of Art and Literature The Landscape Architecture of Richard Haag: From Modern Space to Urban Ecological Design The Leland Stanford Home in San Francisco The Lure of the Country Club The Lyman House and the Work of Frederic P. Lyman: Drawing and Building The New Architecture The New Architecture Theology in Stone: Church Architecture from Byzantium to Berkeley The Palliser Brothers and Their Publications,The Palliser's Late Victorian Architecture The political-economic aspects of architectural choice at the Panama California Exposition, San Diego (1915) : why Bertram Goodhue? The Ratcliff Architects, in Berkeley Since 1909 The Judicial Palazzo,The Record: News from the National Archives and Records Administration The Richfield Building, 1928-1968 The Role of Wood, Craftsmanship and Detail in the Residential Work of Arne Bystrom : Selected Case Studies Article on the Garrick Theatre, Stockton, 08/12/1911,The Rounder Article on the Garrick Theatre, Stockton, 10/14/1911,The Rounder Garrick changes hands, 1912,The Rounder Garrick plays vaudeville,The Rounder Garrick Theatre, San Diego, program for week of 01/08/1911,The Rounder The San Gabriel Valley : Chronicle of an Abundant Land