Male, born 1813-02-10, died 1896-03-21



Phineas Frost Marston, Sr., was born in Auburn, ME, in 1813.


He wed twice. In 1840, he married Susan Elizabeth Fisher (born 05/30/1815 in Georgetown, ME-d. 12/22/1864 in San Francisco, CA).

A year after the death of Susan, in 1865, he wed Mary Frances Palmer (born 03/18/1820 in Camden, ME-d. 02/07/1904 in Pasadena, CA).


Marston and Susan Fisher had five children: Cordelia Marston Heald (born 04/30/1843 in Bangor, ME-d. 01/10/1923 in Oakland, CA), Frank Augustine Marston (born 04/30/1845 in Bangor, ME-d. 07/14/1931 in Pasadena, CA), Susan F. Marston (born 03/08/1847-d. 02/1854), Harriet Elizabeth Marston (born 04/27/1849 in Bangor, ME-d. 06/01/1888 in Oakland, CA), and Phineas Frost Marston, Jr., (born 06/08/1851 in Bangor, ME-d. 03/28/1923 in Oakland, CA).

P.F. Marston, Sr., was the grandfather of the well-known Pasadena, CA, architect Sylvanus Boardman Marston (1883-1946), and great-grandfather of the architect, Keith Palmer Marston (1914-2001).

PCAD id: 3865