Basement plan of the Lincoln High School, Tacoma, 1914; from "New School Buildings in Tacoma," American School Board Journal, vol. 48, no. 1, 01/1914, p. 22 Bebb & Gould Presentation drawing of the UW Stadium, Seattle, 03/19/1920; from the UW Libraries, Special Collections Division Berkeley Women's City Club, Berkeley Berkeley Women's City Club, Berkeley Bird-eye view of San Francisco, drawn by George H. Goddard, Sr., 1868; printed by Britton and Rey, San Francisco, and published by Snow and May, San Francisco, from the David Rumsey Map Collection Bird's-eye drawing of the Seattle-Astoria Iron Works, Seattle, c. 1920; from Wikimedia Commons and Pacific Fisherman Year Book 1920, p. 118 Bird's eye lithographed drawing depicting Seattle in 1891; this detail showed the newly erected King Street Wharf; from University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections Division, Birds Eye View of Seattle And Environs. King County, Wash., 1891. Eighteen Months after the Great Fire, drawn by August Koch, and published by the Hughes Lithographic Company, Chicago, IL Bird's-eye view of Santa Barbara, Calif., looking north to the Santa Barbara Mountains, 1877; the orange box encloses the Burton's Mound property, site of the Potter Hotel; from the Library of Congress Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Rectory, Seattle, WA Bloedel Reserve Bloedel Reserve Bloedel Reserve Bolton Hall, Tujunga Bon Marche Department Store, Downtown, Seattle, WA Bon Marche Department Store, Downtown, Seattle, WA Bon Marche Department Store, Downtown, Seattle, WA Bordwell's classified advertisement announcing a move to 432 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, 1868. From the Daily Alta California, vol. 20, no. 6642, 05/13/1868, p. 2 Bradbury, Lewis Leonard, Building, Los Angeles Bradbury, Lewis Leonard, Building, Los Angeles Broadway State Bank, Seattle, WA Bruin Life Yearbook photo of Koichi Kawana, 1955; from Bryson Apartments, Los Angeles, CA, 05/2008 (from Los Angeles, Wikipedia) Bryson Apartments, Los Angeles, CA; portrait of Hugh W. Bryson appeared in the L.A. Times, 09/28/1914 Bryson-Bonebrake Block, Los Angeles, CA (From J.C. Newsom, "Artistic Buildings and Homes of Los Angeles," 1888) Bullock's Wilshire Department Store, Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles
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