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Ross Gordon Montgomery, Alfred Sanford Nibecker Jr.

Firm Notes

This architectural firm operated in Los Angeles, CA, c. 1921. In 1921, the Southwest Builder and Contractor said of the pair: ""Archts. Montgomery and Nibecker of Los Angeles, secured third prize for a design for a small stucco house in the 'Small House Competition' held in conjunction with the 'Own Your Home' expositions to be held at chicago, March 26 to April 2, and at New York, April 16 to April 30. More than 1000 designs were passed upon by the jurors, comprising four architects and three builders. The first prizes for four-room frame and stucco houses were won by Louis Justement of Washington, D.C., and the first prize for a four-room brick house by Edgar and Verne Solomnsky of New York City. The first prize was $500. Charles N. Hammond, Chicago architect on the jury pronounced the house designs the best he had ever seen submitted in a prize contest." (See "Personal and Trade Notices,"Southwest Builder and Contractor,03/11/1921, p. 13.)

PCAD id: 5845