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Clyde Burgess Chace, Irving John Gill, Frank Lloyd Wright Jr.

Active 1896-

Firm Notes

Gill set up his own practice in San Diego, CA.

PCAD id: 450

Americanization School, Oceanside, CA1931Oceanside, San DiegoCA
Bailey, Wheeler J., House, La Jolla, CA1907
Banning, Mary, House, Los Angeles, CA1911
Bishop's School, Bentham Hall, La Jolla, CA1911-1912La JollaCA
Chase, E.F., House, San Diego, CA1906-1907San DiegoCA
Clarke, Chauncey and Marie Rankin, House, Santa Fe Springs, CASanta Fe SpringsCA
Darst House, San Diego, CA1910San DiegoCA
Dodge, Walter House, West Hollywood, CA 1914-1916West HollywoodCA
Douglas House, San Diego, CA
Fulford House, San Diego, CA1910San DiegoCA
Garrettson, George G., House, Stockton, San Diego, CA1895San DiegoCA
Gill, Irving J., House, San Diego, CASan DiegoCA
Granger Hall, National City, CANational CityCA
Kautz, George, House, La Jolla, San Diego, CA1913San DiegoCA
Kendall, John, House, Waverly Ranch, El Cajon, CA1893El CajonCA
Klauber, Melville and Amy Salz, House, San Diego, CA 1907-1908San DiegoCA
La Jolla Chapel, La Jolla, CA1910La JollaCA
La Jolla Woman's Club, La Jolla, CA1913-1914La JollaCA
Laughlin, Homer, Jr., House, Los Angeles, CA1908-1909Los AngelesCA
Lee, Alice, House #3, Hillcrest, San Diego, CA1911-1912San DiegoCA
Marine Biological Association of San Diego, Scripps Biological Station, La Jolla, CA1905La JollaCA
Miltimore House, South Pasadena, CASouth PasadenaCA
Mitchell Gallery of Fine Arts, Coronado, CACoronadoCA
Morgan House, Los Angeles, CA1917Los AngelesCA
Pacific Electric Railway Company, Depot, Fontana, CA1913-1914FontanaCA
Schuyler, Daniel, House, San Diego, CA1893San DiegoCA
Scripps, Ellen Browning, House, La Jolla, CA1916La JollaCA
Southern Pacific Railroad Company, Bridge, Torrance, CA1913TorranceCA
Timken, Henry H., House, San Diego, CA1911San DiegoCA
Torrance Electric Rail Depot, Torrance, CA1912
Tutt House, Coronado, CA1910CoronadoCA
West, Horatio, Court Apartments, Santa Monica, CASanta MonicaCA
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