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James R. Crawford, Scott Johnson, Bernhard Karpf, Vivian Lee, Reynolds Logan, Richard Meier, Michael Palladino, Dukho Yeon

Active 1963-

Firm Notes

RIchard Meier and Partners, Architects, LLP, operated from a headquarters in New York, NY. It opened a branch office in Los Angeles, CA, headed by Michael Paladino in 1985, to oversee work on the new Getty Center, when it moved from Malibu, CA, to the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA.

After Richard Meier's notorious exit from the company in mid-03/2018, following sexual harassment/assault allegations by five women, Michael Palladino took over direction of the firm, aided by four Associate Partners: Vivian Lee, Bernhard Karpf, Reynolds Logan and Dukho Yeon. During Meier's six-month exile, Palladino would oversee all operations of the New York and Los Angeles offices, while the four named would supervise day-to-day work on the West Coast. The firm stated of Lee, Karpf, Logan and Yeon: "The firm also announced that James R. Crawford, a partner in the Los Angeles office, along with the four associate partners in New York, will oversee the day-to-day operations of the firm’s headquarters there." (See Richard Meier and Partners, Architects LLP, "Richard Meier Takes Leave of Absence from Architecture Firm," published 03/13/2018, accessed 04/16/2018.)

PCAD id: 106

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