AKA: Evergreen Point Bridge, Seattle, WA; Rosellini, Governor Albert D., Bridge, Seattle, WA

Structure Type: built works - infrastructure - transportation structures - bridges

Designers: [unspecified]

Dates: constructed 1960-1963

Seattle, WA

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Building History

The initial survey of where to put this bridge was done by a Chicago engineering firm, DeLeuw, Carter and Company. This firm got the commission, when the placement of the second Lake Washington bridge became a contentious political issue. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer noted in a short article of 1956: "A Chicago engineering firm has been granted a 45-day extension of time to complete its study to where to build the second Lake Washington Bridge. Darrel B. Hedges, secretary of the Washington Toll Bridge Authority, today announced the extension at the request of the engineering firm, DeLeuw, Carter and Co. The firm originally was to have completed its study and made a recommendation on locating the bridge June 14. The firm was retained to make the study after various opposing factions in Seattle were unable to agree on a single location of the bridge." (See "Lake Bridge Report Delayed," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 06/05/1956, p. 32S.)

Serious storms in 01/20/1993 caused pontoon damage to the 520 Floating Bridge.

Building Notes

The Evergreen Point Bridge stood as the longest floating bridge in the world at 7,578 feet (2,310 meters) in 2007. It originally was a toll bridge, but the gate area was reused for bus stops later.


Proposition 1 on the 11/2007 ballot set aside $1.138 billion RTID funds (of the $4.38 billion total cost) for a new 520 Bridge.

PCAD id: 8974

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