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Respectful Addition to the Stanford Campus,Western Architect and Engineer Handsome Center for Seattle Boy Scouts,Western Architect and Engineer Vacation House/ Sherwood Stockwell,Western Architect and Engineer Frederick Meyer Dies,Western Architect and Engineer Biltmore Hotel, Santa Barbara, Cal,Western Architect and Engineer People,Western Architect and Engineer Warmth and Order for a New University Campus,Western Architect and Engineer The Second Annual Convention of the Architectural League of the Pacific Coast Advertisement,Western Architect and Engineer The Cement Gun,Western Architect and Engineer Century 21 Revisited: A World Fair Enters the Construction Phase,Western Architect and Engineer The Idea File,Western Architect and Engineer Russwin Hardware Advertisement,Western Architect and Engineer Paul Kirk Turns to Church Design,Western Architect and Engineer Prestressed Concrete in the West,Western Architect and Engineer House of Judge A.H. Sheet,Western Architect and Engineer Hoyt Borthers, General Contractors, advertisement,Western Architect and Engineer Sun Valley Restaurant: The Form and Colors of a Bavarian Lodge,Western Architect and Engineer Brand New,Western Architect and Engineer Volume, Views and Careful Detailing in a Two-Story House,Western Architect and Engineer Brick Hotel, Los Angeles,Western Architect and Engineer The Angelus Hotel advertisement,Western Architect and Engineer Better Looking,Western Architect and Engineer The Kirk Office: Place and Practice,Western Architect and Engineer Article,Western Architect and Engineer The Kirk Office: Place and Practice,Western Architect and Engineer