Twenty-fourth Annual Report of the Seattle Public Library 1914
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In 1914, President of the Seattle City Library Board, Daniel B. Trefethen, wrote of the newly completed Yesler Branch Library: "The history of this branch really began in 1889 when Henry L. Yesler, a pioneer, gave to the city as a site for a central library building, the triangle at the intersection of Third Avenue, Jefferson Street and Yesler Way. A different site, however, was chosen for the central library in 1900 and the triangle, proving too small even for a branch library, was turned over to the city, with the consent of the Yesler trustees, to be maintained by the Park Department as a downtown breathing space. To compensate the library for the loss of this valuable property and to carry out its agreement with the Yesler trustees, the city purchased a site at Twent-third Avenue and Yesler Way (The Park Board contributing $15,000 toward its cost), and sppropriated $40,000 for the erection of a memorial building to Mr. Yesler, thus carrying out the spirit of his legacy. This is the only branch library built with city funds. That the Library Board was wise in its choice of the site is hsown by the fact that the circulation at that branch is fast outstripping all the other branches."
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