Frank Lloyd Wright Catalogue 192, J.B. Muns Fine Art Books
Muns, J.B.
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Book Catalog
c. 2004
Item #169: "Lloyd Wright Theatre Square Collection. Los Angeles, 1946-1953. A working file for the design & construction of a project on Wilshire Blvd. for Huntington Hartford, who was the developer, along with the noted theatre designer, Jo Mielziner. The archive includes three typed letters signed by Lloyd Wright + a hand-colored blueline print of the auditorium with Lloyd Wright's name block-printed at the bottom. Plus contracts, copy letters & records, documents from Huntington Hartford Enterprises & Zoning Administration & a brochure (printed) of'Miracle Mile'on Wilshire Blvd., La Brea to Fairfax with photos of buildings & a parcel plan for the project; proposed plan for tenants (with names written in); engineer reports; 90 weekly reports on details; preliminary & promotional lists, etc. It should also be noted that Huntington Hartford was also an important client of FLW's, who designed a Country Club in 1947 for him. The condition in the main is very good, with some creases & tears at edges of pages. 750.00
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