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Olmsted's Report Read by Board
Seattle Daily Times
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Sub-title of the article read: "Noted Landscape Architect Tells Park Commissioners about Mistakes Made and Warns Against Others." The text of the article read:

"At the regular weekly meeting of the board of park commissioners this afternoon, the report of John C. Olmsted, the noted landscape architect, of Brookline, Mass., on his tour of Seattle's park system several weeks ago, was read. The inspection, which was made by the architect in company with J.W. Thompson, superintendent of city parks, and Samuel C. Lancaster, engineer of the park board, took two days and the expert was shown what had so far been accomplished by the board and what its plans for the future are. If any mistakes had been made or if any were possible in the plans contemplated, the board requested Olmsted to point them out. This he did in the report read this afternoon. His findings were highly technical in nature and contained many criticisms, which, however, was not surprising as Olmsted is said to leave praise to others and to confine himself to pointing out defects. Almost all of his points were acknowledged to be well taken by the board."

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