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UW's swanky transformation
Daily of the University of Washington
Waugh, Josh
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"The UW is moving into the future as a more high-end institution, as evidenced by several recent developments campus-wide. The estimated cost of recent UW housing expansion projects is just over $200 million. One need only look to the recent developments in West Campus to see the physical change apparent. While Lander Hall lays [sic] in rubble, the brand-new Alder, Elm, Poplar Halls stand in stark contrast to the concrete prison-style buildings of the '70s...such as Terry, Condon and Schmitz. With HFS planning to bring Terry Hall crashing down next, in 2014, the only HFS housing options on West Campus besides Stevens Court will be the new--and very expensive-- halls. According to HFS's housing rates page, the yearly charge for a double room in Alder, Elm or Poplar is $7.992. Compare this to the rates for doubles in the more antiquated halls, such as Haggett, McCarty, McMahon, or Terry at $5316, and the UW's trend of bulldozing the old halls to put up more expensive ones begins to grow a bit worrisome."
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