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Male, US

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Kaplan and McLaughlin, Architects; Kaplan, McLaughlin and Diaz (KMD), Architects

Professional History

Partner, Kaplan and McLaughlin, Architects, San Francisco, CA, c. 1970; Partner, Kaplan, McLaughlin Diaz, Architects, San Francisco, CA;

Joined the Northern California Chapter, American Institute of Architects in 1966;


The KMD web site said of Herbert McLaughlin in 2010: "Herbert McLaughlin oversees all KMD design and research projects. Under his direction, KMD has won over 100 design awards, including 35 AIA awards. Recent awards include: the Urban Landscape - Toshi Keikan Prize for Achievement for Nadya Park (International Design Center, Nagoya, Japan); the Chicago Athenaeum award for Kookmin Bank Headquarters in Seoul; and five awards by the AIA Committee on Architecture including two with special Citations. The firm has also been recognized for its success in international design competitions." (See "Herbert McLaughlin,"Accessed 06/08/2010.)

PCAD id: 935

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