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Garness Studio, Architecture and Landscape Architecture; Moore Ruble Yudell, Architects and Planners; Myers, Barton Associates, Incorporated (BMA Incorporated); Phelps, Barton and Associates

Professional History


Lead project designer and manager, Moore Ruble Yudell, Architects and Planners, Los Angeles, CA. Garness worked as a Moore Ruble Yudell for twelve years, leaving as an associate.

Principal, Garness Studio, Los Angeles, CA, and New Orleans, LA, 1999- . His firm's website said of his career in Los Angeles: "As a lead project designer and manager, Dan was in charge of numerous housing, planning, mixed-use and residential projects in California, Berlin and Japan, traveling extensively to coordinate complex teams. He also worked for some of the top architectural and landscape design firms in Los Angeles, including Marc Appleton, Barton Myers, Barton Phelps, Katherine Spitz and Nancy Goslee Power." (See Garness, "About the Studio," accessed 05/18/2023.)



B.Arch., Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, LA.

Master's of Architecture coursework, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Westwood, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1978.



He wed Joseph Bartlett Fay in 2018. (See Rosalie R. Radomsky, New York, "Call It Postmodern Love," published 05/12/2023, accessed 05/18/2023.)

PCAD id: 9344