Male, born 1934-10-30, died 2005-02-02

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Rurik Eckstrom Architects

Professional History


Principal, Rurik F. Eckstrom, Architect, Washington, DC, 1965-. Rurik F. Eckstrom served as an associated architect on the design and construction of the Stanley D. Tempchin House, Bethesda, MD, with MLTW / Moore-Turnbull Architects of San Francisco, CA..

His obituary indicated that Eckstrom established architectural offices in various cities: "Over successive years, he established architecture firms in Baltimore; North Adams, Mass.; and Richmond, [VA]." (See Richmond, "Rurik F. Eckstrom," published 02/13/2005, accessed 05/04/2022.)

Partner, Eckstrom and Associates, Architects, Fargo, ND, 1997-2005.


Associate Professor, University of Maryland, School of Architecture, College Park, MD, c. 1967.

Director, Hoosuck Institute, North Adams, MA.

Faculty member, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT), Architectural and Planning Laboratories, Cambridge, MA.

Professor / Chair, North Dakota State University, School of Architecture, Fargo, ND, 1989- .

Professional Activities

Registered Architect in six states. (He was likely licensed in MD, VA, MA, and ND to name four.)

Environmental and Historic Preservation Specialist, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Fargo, ND, 1989- .

Member, American Instittute of Architects (AIA). From 1989 until the end of his life, he was a member of the AIA, North Dakota Chapter.

Professional Awards

His obituary stated: "Over the course of his career, Rik won numerous awards for his work, including the Presidential National Achievement Award, the Classical America Award and the Historic Richmond Award. His projects have been published in media such as Architectural Record, Architectural Review, Time and the Washington Post, among others, and in several books." (See Richmond, "Rurik F. Eckstrom," published 02/13/2005, accessed 05/04/2022.)

Recipient, American Institute of Architects, North Dakota Chapter. He won this award "...for the pro bono work he did on behalf of Churches United for the Homeless...." (See Richmond, "Rurik F. Eckstrom," published 02/13/2005, accessed 05/04/2022.)


High School / College

Graduate, Saint Christopher's School, Richmond, VA, 1952.

B.Arch., University of Virginia, School of Architecture, Charlottesville, VA, 1957.

M.F.A., Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1961.



He and Mary Oswald relocated to her hometown of Fargo, ND, in 1989. He became the Chair and a Professor of Architecture at North Dakota State University in that city.

Eckstrom died from complications due to diabetes.


He had a sister, Elisabeth Eckstrom Dementi, who resided in Richmond, VA, in 2005.


He wed Mary Oswald, the Congressional Representative from ND, District #11, in 1977. At the time, she lived in Baltimore, MD.

She would later become the Managing Partner of Eckstrom and Associates in Fargo, ND.


Eckstrom had three children, two daughters and a son: Elisabeth B. Ekstrom (who lived in Oakland, CA, in 2005), Ingrid H. Ekstrom (who resided in Berkeley, CA, at his death); a son, Rurik M. Ekstrom (who lived in New York, NY, at that time). (See Richmond, "Rurik F. Eckstrom," published 02/13/2005, accessed 05/04/2022.)

Biographical Notes

Friends called the architect, "Rik."

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