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Best Practice Architecture, PS, Incorporated; Loschky Marquardt and Nesholm (LMN), Architects; Miller Hull Partnership, LLP; Mohler + Ghillino Architects

Professional History


Engineering Intern, Solutions-IES, Raleigh, NC, 02/2006-05/2007. Solutions-IES was an environmental engineering and remediation consultancy, founded in 1999 in Raleigh, NC. It was purchased by Draper Aden Associates in 03/2017.

Structural Engineer, Henningson, Durham and Richardson (HDR), Incorporated, 05/2007-06/2013. HDR, Incorporated, was a engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services firm headquartered in Omaha, NE, and had 100 offices around the world in 2021.

Architectural Intern, LMN Architects, Seattle, WA, 06/2013-09/2013.

Architectural Intern, Mohler + Ghillino Architects, Seattle, WA, 04/2014-06/2014.

Architectural Intern, Best Practice, Seattle, WA, 06/2015-09/2015.

Architect, Miller Hull Partnership, LLP, Seattle, WA, 02/2016-09/2021.


Part-time Lecturer and Studio Instructor, University of Washington, College of Built Environments, Seattle, WA, 01/2015- . She has taught the UW's Architectural Design and Representation II, Design Drawing II courses.

In 2020, she co-taught the graduate research studio and seminar, "Making the Invisible Visible: Designing Infrastructure as Architecture." According to her Linkedin.com page in 2021: "The two-part seminar and studio emphasized the importance of research and investigation of real world projects and future focused technology to inform the design proposals of innovative new typologies of infrastructural architecture. Infrastructure themes explored in this studio included water, energy, transportation and solid waste." (See Linkedin.com, "Claire Shigekawa Rennhack," accessed 12/06/2021.)

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