Male, US, born 1922-09-22

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Bank Building and Equipment Corporation of America; Sarmiento, W. A., Architect

Professional History

Draftsman, Oscar Niemeyer, Architect, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 18 months, c. 1949-1950. Head Designer, Bank Building and Equipment Corporation of America, Saint Louis, MO, 1951-1961; different dates have been used for Sarmiento's involvement with the Bank Building and Equipment Corporation of America. The Wikipedia entry under "Wenceslaus Sarmiento" stated: "He served as the head designer for the Bank Building Corporation of America from 1951 through 1961." (See "Wenceslaus Sarmiento,"Accessed 04/12/2012.) The Recent Past Preservation Network's "About W.A. Sarmiento," site indicated: Principal, W.A. Sarmiento, Architect, Saint Louis, MO, 1961-1980.


In 1990, Sarmiento lived at 1435 Waldron Avenue, Saint Louis, MO, 63130-1850. He also lived in a residence at 2 Bon Price Terrace, Saint Louis, MO, 63132-3705.

His first name was often Anglicized to be "Wenceslaus."

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