Male, US, born 1890-06-19, died 1946-12-02

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Conway and Wilson, Designers; Conway, James N., Designer

Professional History

Principal, James N. Conway, Designer, Los Angeles, CA; Partner, Conway and Davis, Designers, Los Angeles, CA;

According to the US Census of 1930, Conway identified himself as a house builder.


Born in WA, Conway appeared in the US Census of 1920 as a theatrical actor; he lived with his family in rented quarters at 3467 Mission Road, Los Angeles, CA; in 1930, the Conways lived at 1518 Beverly Drive, Los Angeles, CA, in a house that they owned; it was worth approximately $25,000 at the time, a large sum. The Conway Household owned a radio in 1930. The 1400-1500 block of Beverly Drive had three house builders living on it in 1930: Merlin G. Philpott (1448 Beverly Drive), John H. Bohner (1432 Beverly Drive) and Conway at 1518. Conway died in Los Angeles, CA, at the age of 56.

His mother was Frances O'Neil Conway, born c. 1867 in English-speaking Canada; her parents came from Northern Ireland (father) and Canada (mother).

James N. Conway married Clele M. Conway (born in IA, 08/01/1895-died Los Angeles, CA, 12/21/1969); both of Clele's parents had been born in IA; her mother's maiden name was Lovering. They married 04/27/1913 in Ventura, CA; both were actors making a film in Ventura County at the time; when they arrived at the Ventura County Clerk's office they both were still in stage makeup. Clele probably worked as an interior designer on her husband's houses, and the two developed a successful business. So successful, that Clele Conway traveled first class aboard the elegant cruise ship Ile-de-France (from Le Havre, France to New York, NY), 07/10/1953-07/16/1953. At this time, she lived at 9521 Lania Lane, Beverly Hills, CA.

In 1930, James and Clele Conway indicated that they had a son, J. Courtland Conway, born c. 1914 in Christchurch, New Zealand. In 1930, Frances O. Conway, James's mother, also lived with them.

James N. Conway, his wife, Clele M., and their infant son left Sydney, NSW, Australia on 11/26/1914, entering into Vancouver BC on the R.M.S. Niagara with a final destination of San Francisco, CA. Their last permanent residence before leaving Sydney was in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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  • Seattle, WA (Architect's Birth)
    Seattle, WA

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  • Los Angeles, CA (Architect's Death)
    Los Angeles, CA

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