Male, US, born 05/23/1917, died 04/14/1992

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Eggers and Wilkman, Architects

Professional History

Draftsman, Perry, Shaw, and Hepburn, Architects, Boston, MA, 1937-1938; Designer, Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation, 1941-1942; Designer, Kauffmann, Lipincott, and Eggers, Architects, 1946-1948; Partner, Eggers and Wilkman, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, 1952-1966; the American Architects Directory of 1970 indicated that Eggers and Wilkman worked together between 1956-1966. The earlier date is more likely, as the Hanisch House by the two dates from around 1952.

Member, MIT Club of Southern California, in 1956. Member, Southern California Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in 1956. Registered Architect in the State of California in 1956;


Coursework, Wentworth Institute, 1935-1937; Coursework, Boston Architectural Center, Boston, MA, 1937-1940; Coursework, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1940-1941;

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Special Student Scholarship, 1940.


Wilkman was born in Wilmington, DE, and died in Ventura County, CA, at the age of 74.

His mother's maiden name was Jarvenpaa.

Wilkman married in 1940.

Wilkman reported having four children in 1956.

SSN: 020-03-1983. Wilkman traveled in Mexico in 1951.

Associated Locations

  • Wilmington, DE (Architect's Birth)
    Wilmington, DE

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