Male, born 1846-05-31, died 1907-12-08

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Skanska USA Building Incorporated

Professional History


Managing Director, Skånska Cement AB, Malmö, Sweden, 1873- .

Founder, AB Skånska Cementgjuteriet, Malmö, Sweden, 1887- . By 1920, this firm had developed several factories across Sweden. (See "Cement Industry of Sweden," Rock Products, vol. XXIII, no. 12, 06/05/1920, p. 39.) As Managing Director of Skanska, he developed a strong reputation as an advocate for improved working class education, job conditions and compensation. The Skanska web site said of Berg in 2019: "He was a driving force in establishing the Swedish national telephony network and railway system. He also initiated Sweden’s first employment service and brought in pensions for the Company’s skilled workers and collective agreements between employers and unions." (See, "Our History," accessed 12/10/2019.)



Graduate, Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (KTH), (Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm, Sweden, 1865-1868.



Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Rudolph F. Berg attended school in Uppsala and at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm until 1868. He relocated to Malmö, Sweden, near the Danish border, by 1873, when he began work in the cement industry. He resided near his business operations in the vicinity of Malmö, (some located in the towns of Lomma and Limhamn), for the rest of his life.


His parents were Fredrik Theodor Berg and Emma Vilhelmina Stokoe.


He wed Stefanie Westman.


He had a daughter with Stefanie Westman.

Biographical Notes

He had the nickname "Fritz."

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