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Fukui Davison Architects, PS; Hobbs / Fukui / Davison, P.S., Architects; Loschky Marquardt and Nesholm (LMN), Architects

Professional History


Project Architect / Manager, Hobbs Fukui Davison, Associates, PS, Seattle, WA, 1982-1984.

Associate, Hobbs Fukui Davison Associates, PS, Seattle, WA, 1984-1986.

Associate, Fukui Davison Architects, PS, Seattle, WA, c. 1987.

Partner, Loschky Marquardt and Nesholm (LMN), Architects, Seattle, WA, 11/1991- .



B.A., Environmental Design, University of Washington, Seattle, (UW), Seattle, WA, 1974.

M.Arch., University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA), Westwood, Los Angeles, CA, 1974-1977.

PCAD id: 8322