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Garco Construction

Professional History


Chief Executive Officer, Garco Construction, Spokane, WA, 2011- . He and Frank Elter, purchased the construction subsidiary of Gifford-Hill, Incorporated, in 1978. His Garco web site biography said of him in 2019, that he had "...30+ years experience in estimating, contract negotiation, administration, construction supervision and field engineering." (See Garco, "About Us: Leadership," acccessed 04/15/2019.) In 2019, Garco Construction had an address of 4114 East Broadway, Spokane, WA, 99202.

Chief Executive Officer, Acme Concrete Paving, Incorporated, Spokane, WA, c. 2019.



B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle (UW), Seattle, WA, 1966.


Biographical Notes

He went by his middle name, "Tim."

PCAD id: 8269