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Rudolph and Sletten, General Contractors

Professional History


Chief Operating Officer (COO), Rudolph and Sletten, Incorporated, Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, c. 2005.

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Rudolph and Sletten, Incorporated, San Carlos, CA, 2005- . The corporate web set said of Sisemore in 2018: "As president and chief executive officer, Mr. Sisemore is the corporate officer in charge of the total management of Rudolph and Sletten. He oversees all management aspects of the corporation for Estimating, Construction, Finance and Accounting, Operations, Business Development and Marketing. Mr. Sisemore does get actively involved with many projects to ensure our team is focused on the project goals for schedule, cost and quality." (See Rudolph and Sletten,, "Martin Sisemore," accessed 10/22/2018.)

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