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Ankrom Moisan Architects, Incorporated

Professional History


Partner, Ankrom Moisan, Architects (AMA), Portland, OR, 1983-before 2015.

Ankrom Moisan became important early architects involved in the redesign of various warehouses in the Portland neighborhood known as the "Pearl District." The Portland Business Tribune stated of the firm's role in reviving the Pearl: "AMA is one of the firms that worked on transforming the Pearl District from sketchy warehouses to what it is today, including working with developers John Carroll and Homer Williams. "We had a big part of the early years with the Pearl, not so much the later stuff. Those were all very successful initial buildings, very cost-effective, sold like hotcakes and started the buzz," Moisan said. "Our buildings were more what we would call contextual because they needed to be, they were the first (new) buildings and people wanted to know how they are going to fit into the neighborhood. I think they did that and people got excited." AMA designed the Riverstone lofts, McKenzie lofts and Tanner Place condos in the Pearl District, among its 19 full-block projects there. "The later buildings have been more modern. Ours tended to be more relating to the older buildings, I think," Moisan said. "The modern buildings are great too. I think as the districts matured it makes sense to build more modern buildings." (See Jules Rogers, Business, "Ankrom Moisan Architects: passing the torch," published 04/26/2017, accessed 09/13/2017.)

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