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Male, born 1908-11-21, died 1996-10-13

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Barovetto and Thomas, Architects and Planners, Incorporated

Professional History


Partner, Barovetto and Thomas, Architects, Sacramento, CA, 1946- c. 1970. Silvio Barovetto received his Architectural License to Practice in the State of CA on 04/15/1943.



Silvio Barovetto was born in Hollister, CA, and spent his childhood in Davis, CA, where his father worked for the University of California University Farm in Davis as a viticulturist. He attended the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), graduating with an architecture degree in 1931. He and two UCB classmates traveled in Europe and the Middle East in 1932-1933. He and his wife, Madelyn, resided in Coalinga, CA, between 1936 and 1941, and relocated to Davis, CA, where they set up residence at 237 Rice Lane. This was a block from where Silvio had lived as a child. Barovetto set up his architectural firm after World War II in Sacramento, to which he commuted.


His mother's maiden name was Rocca.


He married Madelyn Ann Doran (1916-1988) in 1936.


He and Madelyn had four children, the eldest, John (1940-1968), was killed in the Vietnam War.

An obituary on John Barovetto appeared in the Sacramento Bee on 01/10/1968: "Capt. John L. Barovetto, 28, son of Sacramento architect Silvio L. Barovetto, has been killed in action in his second tour of duty in Vietnam. Capt. Barovetto died of shrapnel wounds following an attempt to secure a downed aircraft, according to a letter from the secretary of the Army. He was a 1956 graduate of Davis Senior High School, and in 1964 he graduated from the University of California. The victim is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Silvio L. Barovetto of Davis; brother, David; and sister, Patricia, also of Davis. (See"BAROVETTO, JOHN LAWRENCE Architect’s Son Dies On Second Vietnam Tour," Sacramento Bee, 1-10-1968.)

Biographical Notes

Barovetto had the nickname "Slim."

An article in the Berkeley Daily Gazette reported in 1932: "A. Arthur Steiner, son of Mr and Mrs. Arthur F. Steiner, left recently for New York and will sail for Europe where he will spend the next year in study and sketching. Steiner graduated from the school of architecture of the University of California in 1931 and continued his studies this last year. He is a member of the Chi Alpha Kapp architecture fraternity of the University. Steiner will be joined, later in Paris by two fellow students, Donald Smith and Silvio Barovetto, and the three will travel together through France, Italy and Spain." (See "Personal Brevities," Berkeley Daily Gazette, 06/25/1932, p. 6.)

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