Male, US, born 1870-01-09, died 1938-05-16

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Strauss, Joseph, Civil Engineer

Professional History

Student Intern, Ralph Modjeski, Engineer, Cincinnati, OH, c. 1892; President, Strauss Bascule Bridge Company, Chicago, IL, c. 1920; Consulting Engineer, Dominion Bridge Company, Toronto, ON, 1930-1931; Chief Engineer, Golden Gate Bridge District, San Francisco, CA, Strauss assembled a team of well-known consulting engineers to aid him with the Golden Gate Bridge design and construction process, including Leon S. Moisseiff, O. H. Amman and Charles Derleth, Jr.; another colleague, Charles Alton Ellis (1876–1949), a Professor of Structural Engineering at the University of Michigan, University of Illinois and Purdue University, devised, in large part, the structural system of the Golden Gate Bridge. Chief Engineer Strauss fired Ellis for allegedly taking too long to produce a final design and billing too many hours. (It was still the Depression Era, after all.) Ellis was purged from credit for the bridge's erection by Strauss, an oversight only recently corrected.

He grew up in an artistic household, the son of Raphael Strauss, a painter and writer. His mother was a talented pianist.


B.S., Economics and Business Administration, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 1892. He was a leader in his university, becoming class president and its poet.


Born in Cincinnati, OH, he attended college there, before working in Chicago, IL, and consulting on bridges around the US, particularly on the West Coast. He died in Los Angeles, CA, shortly after his work was completed on the Golden Gate Bridge in 1937.

Associated Locations

  • Los Angeles, CA (Architect's Death)
    Los Angeles, CA

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  • Cincinnati,, OH (Architect's Birth)
    Cincinnati,, OH

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