Male, US, born 1882-03-06, died 1980-11-27

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Carrere and Hastings, Architects; Hoffman, F. Burrall, Architect

Professional History

Draftsman, Carrere & Hastings, Architects, New York, NY, 1903, 1907-1910; Principal, Francis Burrall Hoffman, Architect, New York, NY, and Florida, 1910-1974; this East Coast gentleman architect did at least two residences for wealthy clients in Northern CA. Captain, United States Army Expeditionary Force, Corps of Engineers, working on camouflage operations with the Second Army Corps 10/03/1917-01/21/1919; Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy, c. 1942-1945;

Following the crash of 1929, Hoffman closed his office in New York, NY, and traveled for several years. He re-established a limited practice in the 1930s, doing one commission or so per year for friends and friends of friends.


Graduate, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1903; Dipl. with honors, École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France, 1903-1907;


In 1921, Hoffman lived at 60 East 79th Street, New York, NY; his parents lived next door at 58 East 79th Street.

His father was Francis Burrall Hoffman, Sr., (born 04/24/1845 in New York, NY); his mother was Lucy E. Hoffman. A brother was Albert Lincoln Hoffman, a 1909 graduate of Harvard University.

F. Burrall Hoffman married Virginia “Dolly” Kimball in 1927.

Associated Locations

  • Hobe Island, FL (Architect's Death)
    Hobe Island, FL

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  • New Orleans, LA (Architect's Birth)
    New Orleans, LA

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