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RBB Architects, Incorporated

Professional History

Senior Vice President, RBB Architects, Incorporated, Los Angeles, CA, c. 2010;


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA;


The RBB Architects web site summarized Borders experience as follows: "Art has over 32 years of experience in project management and development of production systems and procedures to assure quality control. He has provided professional services for complex institutional and commercial facilities, specializing in a variety of healthcare, research, higher education and laboratory facilities. As a principal in the firm, he is responsible for technical and production systems, project management, and construction administration procedures to assure quality control. His 30 years of experience on highly technical projects allow him to provide the leadership that is essential for well-documented and successful projects." (See "Principals,"Accessed 10/29/2010.)

PCAD id: 5864