Male, died 10/25/1952

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Kable and Kable, Architects; Knighton, William C., Architect; Lazarus, Edgar M., Architect

Professional History

United States Fish and Game Commission, Washington, DC, c. 1902; Kable worked in a Chicago architectural office, c. 1903-1905; Architect, Edgar M. Lazarus, Architect, Portland, OR, 1905-1907; Partner, Kable and [James] Kable, Architect and Engineer, Portland, OR, 1907-1912; Principal, Charles H. Kable, Architect, Portland, OR, 1912-1920; Kable worked for the government in 1920; Proprietor, C.H. Kable and Company, Manufacturers and Dealers in Shingles, Lath and Millwork, Portland, OR; Principal, C.H. Kable Lumber Company, Portland, OR; Principal, C.H. Kable, Building Contractor, Portland, OR, 1924-1929; Principal, Charles H. Kable, Architect, Portland, OR, 1930-c. 1936; Draftsman, John V. Bennes, Architect, Portland, OR, 1936; Architect, Public Works Administration (PWA), 1937, 1939; Draftsman, Whitehouse and Church, Architects, Portland, OR, 1938; Architect, William C. Knighton, Architect, Portland, OR, c. 1939; Principal, Charles H. Kable, Architect, Portland, OR, 1940-c. 1951;

Kable was given Oregon Architects' License #84; because he operated for a satisfactory period before 1919, he was "grandfathered" into a license without having to go through the examination process.


Graduate, Stanton Military Academy, Stanton, VA; graduate, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL;


C.H. Kable married Ethel Mackey Kable.

He and Ethel Mackey Kable had a daughter.

PCAD id: 5844