Male, born 11/20/1888

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Bailey, Joseph W., Sr., Building Contractor

Professional History

Worked for Security Bridge Company, Billings, MT, 1919; here he worked on a bridge in WY. Worker, Hofius Steel Company, Seattle, WA, 1919-1920; Engineer and estimator, Peter Gjarde, Building Contractor, Seattle, WA, 1921-1929; Principal, Joseph W. Bailey, Building Contractor, Seattle, WA, 1929-; in 1939, his office was in the Insurance Building, Seattle, WA.

President, Associated General Contractors of America, Seattle Chapter, 1938; Member, Seattle Construction Council, Board of Control, c. 1939;


Bailey attended high school in Spokane, WA.


Born in Harrison, AR, Bailey's family came to Spokane, WA, during his childhood.

His parents were J.W. and Minnie Coffman Bailey.

Joseph W. Bailey married Helen Almvig on 05/08/1926; she was from Everett, WA.

Joseph and Helen had three children: Joseph W., Jr., Doreen and Gordon.

Bailey identified himself as a Protestant in 1939. A 1939 biographical entry in Capitol's Who's Who for Seattle, (Portland, OR: Capitol Publishing Company, 1939), included a list of buildings on which Bailey's construction firm worked: "[B]uilder, U.S. Indian Hospital, Nespelin, Wash.; Indian School bldg.; Maryknoll School; Graybar Bldg.; Com'l Tire Bldg.; Chapel, Fort Lewis; Fire Station Fort Lewis; bldgs. for Columbia Brewing Company, Tacoma, and many others." (p. 612)

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  • Harrison, AR (Architect's Birth)
    Harrison, AR

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