Male, born 1935

Associated with the firms network

DMJM Harris; Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall (DMJM)

Professional History

Engineer, Cahn Engineers, New Haven, CT, 1962-1970; Genge, Incorporated, bought Cahn Engineers, and Newman transferred to the top management group of the former. President, Genge, Incorporated, 1971-c. 1974; Chief Executive Officer, Genge, Incorporated, c. 1974-1977; Board Member, DMJM, Los Angeles, CA, 1977-1984; in 1984, Ashland Oil, Incorporated, purchased DMJM, making it a part of its construction division. In 1989, Ashland refocused itself on the petroleum business and began to offer its engineering and construction-related businesses. By 04/1990, Newman led an employee buyback of 58% of Ashland Technology, a combination of stock, debt and cash worth at the time $97 million. The new, employee-owned company became known as AECOM Technology Corporation, an acronym for "architects, engineers, construction, operation and maintenance." The AECOM conglomerate included: DMJM, Consoer Townsend Envirodyne Engineers (with offices in Chicago, IL, New York, NY, and CA), Frederic R. Harris, Incorporated, (a New York, NY, transportation construction company), Holmes and Narver, (Orange County-based construction firm formed in 1933) and Turner Collie and Braden ([TCB] a Houston-based engineering/construction/development firm with branches in TX, PA, CO and NY). These firms operated independently within the AECOM management structure. Newman continued buying other related firms in the 1990s and early 200os, including: Day and Zimmerman Infrastructure, Incorporated, a Philadelphia, PA-based construction and construction management enterprise, (bought 03/1999); Spillis Candela and Partners, an architecture/engineering firm based in Coral Gable, FL, (bought 05/1999); Boston, MA's Metcalf and Eddy, Incorporated, a pioneering environmental engineering consultant (04/2000); Guy Maunsell International Limited, a huge, London,UK-based infrastructure design and construction company (also purchased in 04/2000); Newman supervised a reorganization of AECOM in Fall 2000, in which "DMJM Harris" was formed from portions of DMJM, Holmes and Narver, and Frederic R. Harris; "DMJM Holmes and Narver" was formed at the same time from the DMJM Facilities unit and other parts of Holmes and Narver. After this reorganization, AECOM improved project financing and resource management within its network of affiliates. It continued to buy other firms, completing the purchase of six businesses, three of them large-scale, at a cost of $21 million in 2001. These included: Fairfax, VA-headquartered, KPMG Consulting LLC, transportation planning consultants; the Australian engineering fir, Halpern Glick Maunsell; Warren Group, an English hydro-engineering firm bought in 04/2001; Oscar Faber PLC, an English engineering company was acquired in 10/2001; Alliance, a Denver, CO, engineering consultant also in 04/2001; PADCO, Incorporated, Washington, D.C., consultants in 04/2004; in 12/2005, AECOM bought the Schaumberg, IL,, and Houston, TX branches of The Austin Company, a venerable but now bankrupt Cleveland, OH-based construction/engineering/deign giant in 12/2005; AECOM attempted to buy the rest of Austin, but lost out to the Japanese construction behemoth, Kajima Corporation; in 09/2005, AECOM bought ENSR International Corporation, a Westford, MA-based environmental engineering firm; in 12/2005, AECOM absorbed EDAW, formerly Eckbo Dean Austin and Williams, an important San Francisco, CA-based landscape design company, founded by the great Garrett Eckbo. Newman retired as Chief Executive Officer in 2005, ceding the post to Chief Operating Officer John D. Dionisio. Chairman of the Board, AECOM Technology Corporation, Los Angeles, CA, 2005-present.


B.S. Civil Engineering, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, 1956; M.S., Hydraulics and Hydrology, Columbia University, New York, NY.

PCAD id: 5837