Male, born 1895-05-12, died 1984-03-27

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Keith, George H., Architect; Thomas and Mercier, Architects

Professional History

Architectural Draftsman, George H. Keith, Architect, Spokane, WA, c. 1917; Corporal, American Expeditionary Forces (AEF), 11/28/1917-09/11/1919; Mercier trained in 1918 at Fort Lewis, WA, and served in Europe between 07/09/1918-08/29/1919. Architectural Draftsman, Wenatchee, WA, c. 1920; Partner, Thomas and Mercier, Architects, Portland, OR, 1924-1934; Principal, Albert T. Mercier, Architectural Designer, Portland, OR, c. 1934-1935; Mercier's solo practice was located in his house. On the U.S. Census of 1930, Mercier reported being an architect of homes.

According to architectural historian Richard Ellison Ritz, Mercier was never a licensed architect, at least in the State of OR.


Born in Ishpeming, MI, Mercier was working as an architectural draftsman in Spokane, WA on 06/05/1917, when his draft registration card was filed. He lived at 1519 13th Avenue in Spokane. Mercier had moved to Wenatchee, WA, by 01/15/1920, when the U.S. Census was taken there. He boarded at the home of Benjamin C. and Luna A. Duncan. Ten years later and married, he moved to Portland, OR, between c. 1924-1935, the decade 1924-1934, practicing with Lee A. Thomas. His house in 1930 was located at 192 Royal Court, in a neighborhood of professionals; he owned the house which had a value of $7,000. In 1942, he worked for the Federal Works Agency in Seattle, WA; he listed an address of 906 1st West, Seattle, WA. Mercier had moved to Stanislaus County, CA, by 1963, where he got married for a second time. He died in Modesto, CA, at the age 88.

His father, Peter, (born c. 1868) was French-Canadian and worked as a barber in Albert's hometown of Ishpeming, MI. His mother, Nellie Agotto (born c. 1872), was also of French-Canadian stock and had been born in MI. (The U.S. Census form of 1930 indicated that his father was "Canadian English." This was erroneous.) Peter and Nellie had 8 children together only 4 of whom were alive in 1910.

He married Ellen M. Ainslie on 01/12/1922 in Spokane, WA. Ellen was born in NE c. 1899, her father was English-Canadian and her mother came from OH. In 1942, her mother lived in Moscow, ID. He married Helen E. King (born c. 1908) on 09/20/1963 in Modesto, CA. He was 68, she 55.

In 1930, Mercier reported on his U.S. Census form that he had two sons, Eugene W. (born c. 1923 in WA) and Douglas A. Mercier (born c. 1925 in OR).

In 1917, his draft registration card described Mercier as being of medium height and build, with black hair and brown eyes. It also noted that he had "lost two fingers on his left hand." The CA Death Index reported Mercier's birth date to have been 05/11/1895.

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  • Modesto, CA (Architect's Death)
    Modesto, CA

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  • Ishpeming, MI (Architect's Birth)
    Ishpeming, MI

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