Male, born 1859, died 1924

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Valk, L.B., Architectural Company; Valk, L.B., and Son, Architects

Professional History


Principal, Lawrence B. Valk, Architect, New Orleans, LA, c. 1886; Valk was known to have designed the Christ Church Cathedral in New Orleans, 2919 Saint Charles Avenue, in 1886-1887.

Principal, L.B. Valk Architectural Company, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1900. Valk sent in an uninvited competition entry design for a Washington Public Library building financed by a $350,000 grant from Andrew Carnegie (SeetheQuarterly Bulletin of the American Institute of Architects, vol. I, no. 1, 04/1900, p. 12.) He was in good company, with other notable firms such as Trowbridge and Livingston and Ackerman and Ross of New York. Valk was the only entrant in this library competition from the West Coast.

In 1903, Valk leased Room #424 of the Stimson Building for use as his office. (See Los Angeles Classified Business Directory, 1903, p. 1705.) He expanded his office to include Rooms #424 and 425 in 1905. (See Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1905, p. 1470.)

Partner, L.B. Valk and Son, Architects, Los Angeles, CA.



Valk worked in New Orleans, LA, before migrating to Southern CA.

In 1905, the Los Angeles, California, City Directory, 1905, (p. 1470), indicated that Valk resided in Alhambra, CA.

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