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Male, born 1877-07-27, died 1928-01-23

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Doyle and Merriam, Architects; Doyle and Patterson, Architects; Doyle, A.E., Architect; Doyle, A.E., and Associate, Architects; Doyle, A.E., and Associates, Architects and Engineers; Doyle, Patterson and Beach, Architects; Whidden and Lewis, Architects

Professional History


Apprentice/Draftsman, Whidden and Lewis, Architects, Portland, OR, 1891-1903.

Partner, Doyle and [William B.] Patterson, Architects, Portland, OR, 1907-1911, 1913-1915.

Partner, Doyle, Patterson and [James George] Beach, Architects and Engineers, Portland, OR, 1911-1913.

Principal, A.E. Doyle, Architect, 1915-1928.

Partner, Doyle and Merriam, Architects and Engineers, Seattle, WA, 1920-1928; Charles Allen Merriam was a civil engineer with whom Doyle partnered on several commissions in WA State (in the Puget Sound Region) during the 1920s; Doyle died prematurely in 1928 of Bright's Disease. So influential was A.E. Doyle in Portland, OR, that his successor firms retained his surname in their corporate titles for the next 14 years, from 1928-1942. It was known as "A.E. Doyle and Associate," from 1928-1933, with architect William Hamblin Crowell (1877-1962) serving as the only associate; from 1933-1942, the corporate title was amended to become "A.E. Doyle and Associates, Architects and Engineers" which included Crowell, engineer William E. Kemery, Jr., construction superintendent Sydney M. Lister, business manager David M. Jack and most importantly architect Pietro Belluschi. It was only in 1942, when the famous designer Belluschi took over the firm, did the name finally not include Doyle's. (It was known then as "Pietro Belluschi, Architect.")

Professional Activities

According to Ritz, Doyle's firm became the most important training school for architects in Portland, OR. He wrote: "Doyle...left behind his indelible mark on Portland architecture with the large number of fine buildings designed by his firm, and also with the large number of outstanding Portland architects who received their apprenticeship and developed their professional experience under the influence of his tutelage and guidance." (See Richard Ellison Ritz, Architects of Oregon, [Portland, OR: Lair Hill Publishing, 2002], p. 113). Doyle's dominance of the Portland architectural scene during his time (1907-1928) was comparable to that of his mentors, Whidden and Lewis, during a period just preceding his, stretching from 1889-1907.

Member, Architectural League of the Pacific Coast, 1913. Doyle was one of the attendees at the league's annual conference in Portland, OR, on 06/09/1913. (See "League to Lead in City Planning," Oregon Daily Journal, 06/10/1913, p. 11.)



B.Arch., Columbia University, New York, NY, 1903-1906; Doyle worked with the architect Henry Bacon at this time, a job probably arranged by his former boss, William Whidden, who also employed Bacon while working in the Chamberlin and Whidden partnership in Boston, MA. (See Richard Ellison Ritz, Architects of Oregon, [Portland, OR: Lair Hill Publishing, 2002], p. 111); Doyle received a scholarship to study at the American School in Athens, Greece, 1906;

Scholarship, American School of Archaeology, Athens, Greece, 1906;



Born in Santa Cruz, CA, Albert Ernest Doyle moved to Portland, OR, as an infant in the late 1870s; he spent all of his youth in Portland, save for time spent as a student at Columbia, University, in New York, NY, (c. 1903-1905) and then at the American School in Athens in 1906. He returned to Portland after studying architecture across Europe in 1907. Aside from vacations and work travel to WA State, Doyle spent the remainder of his life situated in Portland. He died from complications of Bright's Disease at the age of 50.


Albert Doyle's father, James Edward Doyle, was a building contractor; his mother, Mary A. Oakley Doyle, presided over the household.


A.E. Doyle married Lucie Doyle.


With Lucie, A.E. had three daughters and one son.

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Belluschi, Pietro, House, Portland, OR1936PortlandCA
Empress Theatre, Downtown, Portland, OR 1912-1913PortlandOR
Graham, J.S., Department Store #2, Downtown, Seattle, WA1915SeattleWA
Kerr, Peter, House, Gearhart, OR1941GearhartOR
Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition, Forestry Building, Portland, OR 1904-1905PortlandOR
Meier and Frank Company, Department Store #5, 621 SW 5th Avenue, Downtown, Portland, OR1909PortlandOR
Multnomah County, Public Library, Central Library #1, Portland, OR1911-1912PortlandOR
New Oregon Hotel, Portland, OR1911-1913PortlandOR
Northwestern National Bank Building, SW Portland, Portland, OR1913-1914PortlandOR
Olds, Wortman and King Company, Department Store, Portland, OR1909-1910PortlandOR
Oregon Electric Railway Passenger Station #2, Market District, Eugene, OR1913-1914EugeneOR
Pacific Building, Portland, OR1926PortlandOR
Pittock Building #2, SW Portland, Portland, OR1913-1914PortlandOR
Portland Gas and Coke Company and the Pacific Light and Power Company, Public Service Building, Portland, OR1926-1927PortlandOR
Reed College, Administration Building, Portland, ORPortlandOR
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland, More, Saint Thomas, Church, Portland, OR1939-1940PortlandOR
Selling, Ben and Associates, Selling Building, Downtown, Portland, OR1910PortlandOR
Sutor, Jennings Frederick, House, SW Portland, Portland, OR1937-1938PortlandOR
United States National Bank of Oregon, Branch, Downtown, Portland, OR1916PortlandOR
Wentz, Harry F., Studio, Manzanita, OR1916ManzanitaOR