Male, born 1878-12-17, died 1943-06-23

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Miller and de Colmesnil, Architects; de Colmesnil, George T., Architect

Professional History


Partner, Miller and de Colmesnil, Architects, San Francisco, CA, 1906-1913; Miller and de Colmesnil hired a 15-year-old apprentice, Timothy Pflueger (1892-1946) in 1907; the talented Pflueger would develop within the firm to become James Rupert Miller's partner 11 years later.

Architect, San Francisco City Architect's Office, San Francisco, CA, c. 1910; Architect, San Francisco Shipbuilding Company, 310 California Street, San Francisco, CA, c. 1917;

Principal, George T. de Colmesnil, Architect, 294 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA, c. 1942;



At age 2, George de Colmesnil lived at 802 Baker Street in San Francisco; at this time, he lived with his mother and step-father, George W. Walts (this spelling may be incorrect), a railroad clerk, and his mother. The family was prosperous enough to afford a servant, Carrie Halstead, aged 22.

He worked as a draughtman in 1896, and lived at 1814 Bush Street in the Western Addition neighborhood with his widowed mother. (See San Francisco, California, City Directory, 1896, p. 424.) In 1910, he lived with his wife, two daughters, a lodger and mother-in-law, Alice M. Pritchard, at her residence at 1736 Ocean Boulevard, San Francisco. In 1917, he and his wife, Flora, lived at 340 Stockton Street, San Francisco.

In 1920, de Colmesnil lived in a rented dwelling at 2222 Baker Street in San Francisco, CA; de Colmesnil and his wife, Flora, lived at 14 Canyon Road, Fairfax, CA, c. 1942. He died in Marin County, CA, on 06/23/1946.


His father probably came from Kentucky, his mother, Mary A. Walts, probably from Ohio (born c. 1850). (His father was probably James G. de Colmesnil, from Kentucky, who fought as a private on the Confederate side in the Civil War in the 1st Regiment, Kentucky Infantry.) Mary took her 3 children to live in San Francisco, CA, c. 1873 with her brother, George. The US Census of 1880 indicated that Mary was prone to epileptic fits. George had two sisters, Emma (born c. 1872 in KY) and Alice (born c. 1874 in CA).


The architect first married Linda Pritchard de Colmesnil (b. 08/08/1878 in CA- d. 04/03/1971 in Alameda, CA, [SSN 561787205]) in c. 1901. Linda traveled aboard the Hong Kong Maru from Hong Kong (leaving 08/06/1907) to San Francisco (arriving there 09/03/1907), stopping in Hongkong, Shanghai, Nagasaki, Kobe and Yokohama. Sometime between 1910-1920, George married Flora L. Reinhard de Colmesnil (b. 01/31/1880 in CA- d. 02/19/1966 in Marin County, CA). Flora's father was born in CA, her mother in Germany.


George and Linda de Colmesnil had 2 children, Courtney P. de Colmesnil Smith (b. 05/11/1905 in San Francisco, CA- d. 09/11/1974 in Alameda, CA) and Miriam Taylor de Colmesnil Tenbosch (b. 03/14/1910 in San Francisco, CA, -d. 01/04/1995 in San Jose, CA).

Biographical Notes

His last name has been written variously as "de Colmesnil," "Decolmesnil," and simply "Colmesnil." On his World War I Draft Registration card, his birthday was given as 12/17/1879; his World War II Draft Registration card indicated it to have been 12/17/1878. In 1910, he was a registered Republican.

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