Male, born 10/16/1898, died 03/09/1982

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Allen, Frank Phillip, Jr., Architect; Bodmer, H. Louis, Architect; Bodmer, Wurdeman and Becket, Architects

Professional History

Senior Designer, Frank P. Allen, Architect, San Diego, CA, 1924-1927; Designer, William Templeton Johnson, Architect, San Diego, CA, 1927-1932; Principal, H. Louis Bodmer, Architect, San Diego, CA, 1932-1970s; Architectural Superintendant, California-Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, CA, 1934-1936; Architectural Consultant, Spreckels Company Building Enterprises, Southern California, 1935-1944;

When surveyed in 1955, Bodmer indicated that he had traveled in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Mexico.


Gewerbeschule, Zurich, Switzerland, c. 1919; Technicum, Winterthur, Switzerland, c. 1920;


Bodmer was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He died in San Diego, CA, at the age of 83; his last residence was in the 92101 zip code of San Diego, CA;

His mother's name was Pfister.

He married in 1923.

When surveyed in 1955, he reported having had 3 children.

SSN: 559-50-4601;

Associated Locations

  • Zurich, Zurich Switzerland (Architect's Birth)
    Zurich, Zurich Switzerland

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