died 06/17/2008

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Wulff, Ernest W., Interior Design

Professional History

Service, U.S. Navy, World War II; Designer, Bon Marche Design Center, Seattle, WA; Designer, McBreen's, Seattle, WA, c. 1963-1988; Principal, Ernest W. Wulff, Interior Design, Seattle, WA, 1988-2008;

Former President, American Institute of Designers.

Honorary Lifetime Member, American Institute of Designers (later known as American Institute of Interior Designers), 1988.


Attended the Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA on the G.I. Bill;


Born in Hallson, ND, Wulff grew up in the small town of Blaine, WA. Wulff died of cancer at age 82 in Queen Anne, Seattle, WA.

He was survived at his death by a sister, Doris Bristol, of Olympia, WA.

Wulff never married.

Before becoming an interior designer, Ernest Wulff labored as a house painter, travel agent, yacht steward, and cook.

Associated Locations

  • Hallson, ND (Architect's Birth)
    Hallson, ND

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