born 1861

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Baillargeon, Philip A., Building Contractor

Professional History

Principal, Philip A. Baillargeon, Building Contractor, Seattle, WA, c. 1910.


Born in Canada, Baillargeon was born in Canada and lived in Chicago in 1888; he lived in Seattle, WA, in 1920 with his four children and a servant, Mary Junddis (born c. 1870 in Finland);

A "Philip Baillargeon" appeared on the 1888 City of Chicago Voter Registration rolls; he had come from Canada.

In 1920, Philip Baillargeon was a widower. His wife had been Canadian.

In 1920, he had a daughter, Jillian, (born c. 1890 in Chicago, IL), and three sons, Philip (born 10/16/1891 in Chicago, IL-died in Seattle, WA, 04/1973), Thomas (born c. 1896 in Chicago, IL), and Georges, (born c. 1898 in Chicago, IL), all of whom lived in his house located in U.S. Census Precinct 143 of Seattle; He had a grandson or great-grandson, Philip Baillargeon, living in Bothell, WA, in 2002.

SSN: 532-05-8504; Philip A. Baillargeon was naturalized in 1880.

PCAD id: 4920