Male, born 06/11/1899, died 07/02/1961

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Burns, Bear and McNeil, Architects; Burns, Bear, McNeil and Schneider, Architects; Ertz, Burns and Company, Architects; Ertz, Charles W., Architect

Professional History

Draftsman/Superintendant/Secretary-Treasurer, Charles W. Ertz, Architect, Portland, OR, 1920-1933; Partner/Manager, Ertz-Burns, Architects, (as well as Ertz-Burns and Company, Building Contrators), Portland, OR, 1933-1945. In 1935, Charles Ertz moved to Beverly Hills, CA, to open an architectural office, while Thomas Burns operated the Portland office. From 1935-on, Ertz spent the majority of his time in the Beverly Hills office. Associated Architects, Burns and Bear, Portland, OR, 1946-1948; Partner, Burns, Bear and McNeil, Architects, Portland, OR, 1948-1950; Partner, Burns, Bear, McNeil and Schneider, Architects, Portland, OR, 1950-1961; in 1960, the firm became Burns, Bear, McNeil and Schneider, Bloodworth and Hawes, Associated Architects. After Burns's death in 1961, the firm reformed as Bear, McNeil and Schneider, Bloodworth and Hawes, Architects.

Oregon State Architectural License # 0200; Burns earned this license in 1927;


Born in Wichita, KS, Burns moved to Portland, OR, in 1917, and remained here for the rest of his life. He died in Portland at the age of 62.

Burns married Alma Pearl Ingram, (born in Little Rock, AR), 03/14/1930;

Thomas B. Burns, Sr., and Alma Ingram Burns had four children, all sons: Thomas B., Jr., Jere T., Todge R., and Beal I. Burns.

Associated Locations

  • Wichita, KS (Architect's Birth)
    Wichita, KS

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