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Male, born 1889-03-19, died 1945-06-24

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Kieffer, Ray J., Architect

Professional History


Principal, Raymond J. Kieffer, Architect, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1924. Kieffer's practice dried up during the Depression, due to clients who would not pay their bills. His wife, at one point, had to sell her wedding rings to pay expenses at this time.



Born in Ohio, Kieffer lived with at 2212 Griffin Avenue, Los Angeles, at his death in 1945. He died of a heart attack following a hike in the Santa Gabriel Mountains with his son, Bud. Kieefer never designed a residence to house his family; 2212 Griffin Avenue was property of his wife's family.


His mother's maiden name was Schumaker.


He married Cecilia Columbia Carter Kieffer.


He and Cecilia had four children: Patricia Rae, Barbara (still alive in 2013, residing in England), Mary (also called "Marnie,") and Raymond J. Kieffer, Jr., referred to by the family as "Bud."

Biographical Notes

Kieffer went by the name "Ray." Some earlier information on Kieffer's family was incorrect. His granddaughter, Teresa English, provided the correct family details in an email to the author on 04/14/2013. Thank you very much to Ms. English.

SSN: 568-24-0300.

Associated Locations

  • Los Angeles, CA (Architect's Office)
    5369 Wilshire Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90036-4213

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    Ray J. Kieffer's office address as of 04/1929.

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