Male, US, born 05/16/1906, died 05/31/1954

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Schutt, Burton, Designer; Scott and Schutt

Professional History

Partner, Schutt Brothers, Architects/Builders, Pasadena, CA, c. 1927-1930; Denman and Burton worked together on a real estate development financed by their father, the Marguerita Lane Tract. Principal, Burton Schutt, Designer, Beverly Hills, CA, 1930-1954; in 1930, Schutt was referred to as a "Designer" and not an "Architect."


Attended secondary school in Bismark, ND; Schutt moved to Los Angeles, CA, at age 16, and "...worked his way through art school as an apprentice in the building trades." (Architectural Forum, 91:6, 12/1949, p. 54);


Schutt was born in Racine, WI, and lived with his family in Bismark, ND, and Pasadena, CA. The family resided at 615 1st Street in Bismark in 1910 and at 803 1st (or 6th?) Street in 1920. According the U.S. Census of 1930, Schutt and his wife lived in a dwelling they owned on Kahaza Cliffs Drive in Honolulu, Territory of HI. Like a lot of their neighbors, they employed a young woman of Japanese descent as a servant, Fumie Nakeshiga.

Burton Schutt's father was Dr. Alexander Schutt, Jr., (born c. 1875 in Geneva, MN), a dentist; Alexander Schutt's parents were both Canadian by birth. His mother, Evalorne Sawers (born c. 1878 in Penfield, NY), was a homemaker. (Official documents contradict one another on basic facts about Alexander Schutt's wife. Various censuses called her a diverse array of names, including "Evelyn", "Evaline," "Elealorne" and "Evelome." Additionally, their Ontario marriage records indicated her last name to have been "Sawers," while the California Death Index recorded it as "Powers." The U.S. Censuses of 1910 and 1920 also disagreed on her place of birth; the 1910 form indicated that she had been born in NY, while the 1920 said Canada.) Her father was Scottish, her mother Canadian. According to the U.S. Census of 1920, she came to the U.S. in 1902, and had been naturalized thereafter. Alexander and Evalorne had been married c. 1904, presumably in Toronto, as this was where she had been living. In 1920, the family consisted of two boys and two girls: Denman Schutt (born c. 1904 in WI), Lois (born c. 1923[?] in ND) and Mary (born c. 1927 in ND). A brother, Denman Schutt, changed his name to Scott c. 1925 and practiced architecture intermittently with his brother in the 1920s-1930s in CA. They had one large commission in TX, the Everett L. De Golyer House in Dallas, TX, (1939-1940).

He married Joyce B. Schutt (born c. 1914 in CA) who was nine years younger.

Schutt returned from Honolulu, HI to Los Angeles, CA, in 1928-1930 and in 1936; he was living in Honolulu in 1930, presumably for work. He traveled from Honolulu on 03/24/1928 and arrived in Los Angeles 03/28/1928; he arrived in Los Angeles from Honolulu on 12/06/1929; he left Honolulu on 05/23/1936 and arrived in Los Angeles on 05/27/1936; he also left Honolulu and arrived in Los Angeles on 07/03/1936;

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