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Male, US, born 1904-11-22, died 1982-01-28

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Allison and Rible, Architects; Allison, Rible, Robinson and Ziegler, Architects; Daly, Leo A. Architects and Engineers; Rible, Ulysses Floyd, Architect

Professional History


Partner, Allison and Rible, Architects, Los Angeles, CA.

Partner, Allison, Rible, Robinson and Ziegler, Architects, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1965.

Partner, Leo A. Daly, Architects/Engineers, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1970.

Rible joined the American Institute of Architects, Southern California Chapter, in 1940.

Fellow, American Institute of Architects, 1957;


Rible was born in Chicago, IL; the Ribles lived in Marinette, WI, a lumber town, although its sawmills were beginning to shut down at that time. Here, Ulysses O. Rible worked as an office manager. in 1920, the family lived in Toppenish, WA, at 414 East Toppenish Avenue; Ulysses O. Rible worked as an automobile salesman in 1920. U.O. Rible still worked as an office manager two years later but had transplanted the family to Atascadero, in San Luis Obispo County, CA. Bessie Rible worked as a Christian Science practitioner here. She worked as practitioner of this religion throughout the 1920s. U.O. Rible became an auto dealer in Los Angeles, CA, c. 1923, the family living at 1621 North Mariposa Avenue, where they resided until about 1927. They moved across the street to 1602 North Mariposa Avenue c. 1927 and continued to relocate every few years in Los Angeles until U.O.'s death in 1956. U.F. Rible died in the 92061 zip code of Pauma Valley, San Diego County, CA at the age of 77;

His father was Ulysses Oscar Rible (b. Ohio 10/20/1869-d. Los Angeles County, CA, 06/28/1956; his father was born in OH, and his father came from New York as did his mother; (the U.S. Census of 1910 noted that U.O. Rible's parents both came from OH.) His SSN: 550-28-4847); mother: Bessie Dee Doty Rible (b. 06/24/1873- d. Los Angeles County, CA, 03/31/1968; her SSN: 552-20-6581); she was born in IA; her father hailed from PA, her mother, NY; Ulysses O. and Bessie married c. 1903.

Ulysses Floyd Rible married Ruth Morton; she was born in NY.

Ulysses and Ruth Rible had two sons: Justin and Morton.

SSN: 573-20-6652; Rible, his wife and two sons left Lisbon, Portugal, on 11/08/1956 aboard the Saturnia bound for New York, NY, where they arrived on 11/16/1956. The family traveled first class.

Associated Locations

  • Chicago, IL (Architect's Birth)
    Chicago, IL

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  • Pauma Valley, CA (Architect's Death)
    Pauma Valley, CA

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    San Diego County

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