Male, US, born 02/18/1912, died 09/18/1948

Associated with the firms network

Bamberger and Reid, Architects; Kump and Falk, Architect and Engineer

Professional History

In 1938, Bamberger was employed as a "structural designer" working in or near Pasadena, CA. Engineer, Kump and Falk, Architect and Engineer, San Francisco, CA.


B.S., California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA;


In 1938, Bamberger lived at 806 Magnolia Avenue in Pasadena, CA. Four years later, he lived at 888 Victoria Drive in Pasadena, CA, with his mother, Sally. Six years later, he lived at 114 West Sonoma Street in Stockton, CA.

His father was Louis E. Bamberger (born c. 1852), a German immigrant, who, in 1910, owned a mine in Ballona near Culver City, CA. According to the sometimes reliable US Census of 1910, Bamberger came to the US c. 1866 and had been naturalized before 1910. His mother was Nellie Bamberger (born c. 1873 in NB). Her father had come from IL, her mother IA. Sidney had a sister, Louhella (perhaps spelled "Louella,") born 10/1908 in CA.

Bamberger was a registered Democrat in 1938. He died prematurely at age 36. SSN: 565-12-3321;

PCAD id: 398