Male, born 1906-08-06, died 1964-09

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McDonald and Miller, Architects; Stimson and McDonald, Architects

Professional History

Senior Architectural Draftsman, City of Seattle, Seattle, WA, 1927-1930; for the City of Seattle, McDonald participated in the design of field houses and other buildings; the US Census of 1930 recorded that he worked for the city parks department. Partner, Stimson and McDonald, Architects, Seattle, WA, 1930-1940; Stimson and McDonald maintained an office in the Vance Building, Seattle, in 1939. Partner, McDonald and Miller, Architects, 1946; Principal, Donald N. McDonald, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1947-1951; Partner, Earl W. Morrison, Architect, Seattle, WA, 1954- .


University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1924-1928;

Pi Kappa Phi, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.


In 1930, McDonald and his wife, Virginia, lived in a residence at 6300 23rd Avenue NE in Seattle, WA. They rented the house at a cost of $45 per month. They lived in their own house by 1940 located at 1910 East Lynn Street in the Montlake Neighborhood of Seattle. Their dwelling had a modest estimated value of $3,500.

His parents came from abroad, his father being English-Canadian, and his mother, Swedish.

Donald N. McDonald married Virginia Ritchie on 09/08/1929 in San Diego, CA; she had been born in VA, 03/14/1907. Her father had emigrated from Scotland, her mother came from the State of OR. Her parents, married on 12/26/1900, were Peter Reid Ritchie (1867-1946) and Emma Allen Ritchie (1868-1953). The McCracken line of her family had settled in the US prior to the American Revolution.

By 1939, he and his wife had had two children: Donald Neil, Jr., (born 06/03/1930 in Seattle, WA), and Allen Ritchie McDonald (born 09/30/1932 in Seattle, WA). Both sons applied for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution on 02/03/1955 citing their lineage to Captain William McCracken, Jr., (1757-1782), an officer in the Kentucky Light Horse Company killed in battle in 1782. Both parents also claimed SAR and DAR membership previously. Allen served in the US Navy from 01/1952-11/1953. Donald operated the Beverly-McDonald Construction Company during 1961-1962, and also became President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Seattle in 1963.

SSN: 532-44-3119. An earlier birth date recorded for McDonald in PCAD was in error; before 09/26/2012, it was listed as 08/06/1904, not 08/06/1906.

PCAD id: 3827