Male, born 1854, died 1922

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Longstaff and Black, Architects

Professional History

Principal, H.N. Black, Architect, worked in Woodstock, NB, Canada, in 07/1883; Partner, Longstaff and Black, Architects, Boston, MA; Partner, [Frank] Longstaff and Black, Architects, Bellingham, WA, c. 1890-1903


An article in the Carleton, NB, Canada, Press Newspaper of 07/12/1883, wrote: "The citizens living on the south side of the Meduxnakeag [River] will soon have that long looked for school house. H. N. Black, Architect, is preparing the plans for the same, and tenders will be asked for its erection without delay. The building will contain four large rooms 30 x 32, large halls, and ample ante and teachers rooms. The building will be heated by furnaces located in the basement. The plan and arrangements will be similar to those erected and approved of by the Massachusetts Board of Education." Noting that his design would be consistent with schools in MA, the newspaper implies that Black had recently lived or stayed in that state.

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