Male, born 1927-12-14, died 2012-11-08

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Groom, Blanchard and Lamen, Architects

Professional History

Medic, United States Army Air Corps, Hamilton Field, CA, one year; 1st Lieutenant, United States Air Force, 1953-1954; Partner, Groom, Blanchard and Lamen, Architects, Salem, OR, 1958-1962; Partner, Groom, Blanchard, Lamen and MacCollin, Architects, Salem, OR, 1962-1967; Partner, Blanchard, Lamen and MacCollin, Architects, Salem, OR, 1967-1969; Partner, Blanchard and Lamen, Architects, Salem, OR, 1969- ;

Lamen joined the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Salem Chapter, in 1962.


B.Arch., University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 1953; while at Oregon, he enlisted in Air Force ROTC.


Lamen was born in Niobe, ND, a town of about 250 in 1920, where he spent much of his youth. (Niobe no longer exists, with only a small church marking its former presence.) After his father's death in 1939, he relocated, along with his mother and brother, to Eugene, OR. He would attend the University of Oregon, majoring in architecture. Lamen spent at least two years in the military, one of those at Hamilton Field in CA. He settled into an architectural practice in Salem, OR, where he remained his whole career.

His parents were Casey and Millia (Sabbe) Lamen. His father died in 1939. He had an elder brother, Clemith, who was known as "Sonny."

He married Donna Savage (d. 2009) c. 1963. They met while skiiing, and spent much of their nearly 46 years together, traveling, camping and visiting rodeos.

He and Donna had no children.

As a child he, was called "Buddy." This name stuck throughout his life. Lamen came from a Scandinavian Lutheran family. He and his wife took two vacations in Europe between 1963-2009.

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  • Niobe, ND (Architect's Birth)
    Niobe, ND

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