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Male, born 1930-07-09, died 1996-05-15

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Neuschatz, Perry, Architect

Professional History


Second Lieutenant, US Air Force, c. 1952-1954.

Principal, Perry Neuschatz, Architect, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1964. In 1970, Neuschatz's office was located at 11665 Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles. In 1970, he was Registered Architect in the States of CA, FL, IL, and NV.

Vice-President, Gibraltar Community Builders, Stockton, CA. In 1988, this firm was located at 5713 North Pershing Avenue, Stockton, CA.

Principal, Perry Neuschatz, Architect, Sausalito, CA.

Professional Activities

He joined the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Southern CA Chapter, in 1958.

Neuschatz was involved in a legal case, John F. Gaisford, Appellant, v. Perry Neuschatz, Appellee, 201 So.2d 635 (1967). Neuschatz won the litigation. This case involved a motel that Gaisford hoped to erect in Eau Gallie, FL, a state in which Neuschatz was not, at the time, a licensed architect. Neuschatz undertook the necessary procedures to obtain a certificate to practice but produced the plans and specification before it was issued. Gaisford argued that these plans were unusable as the architect had not obtained certification before devising and delivering them. Neuschatz sued Gaisford to recover costs for this work, and won his initial case. Gaisford appealed, and lost on appeal. According to, "The issue of whether or not said plans complied with the contract and could have been used as a basis for obtaining a permit for the construction of said building in Florida was not raised and therefore not considered by the trial court or by this court. The damages awarded by the trial court in its summary judgment have been assigned as error. The record shows that the plaintiff submitted by affidavit a statement of the amount of liquidated damages. No counter affidavits were filed nor was there any denial of the amounts due. The plaintiff demonstrated an absence of genuine issues of material facts. The defendant did not rebut this showing as required by the rule announced in Holl v. Talcott, Fla. 1966,191 So.2d 40." (See, "Gaisford vs. Neuschatz," accessed 06/13/2018.)


High School/College

Graduate, Franklin School, New York, NY, 1947. This was a small elite private school for boys founded in 1872 that sent many of its graduates to top colleges in the East. Many Jewish students, the sons or grandsons of immigrants, were in his class. Neuschatz was active in many activities. He was the president of his Senior class, won the Henry Koplik Medal for Creative Writing and one of 10 top-level Scholarship Medals, was editor-in-chief of the student literary magazine, the Red and Blue, his senior year, and was an associate manager of the Franklinite Yearbook staff. According to a section of the 1947 Franklinite (p. 37), that predicted the careers that each graduate would undertake, Neuschatz intended to become an architect in high school. It said, "Perry Neuschatz was showing [classmate] Joe Sweedler some of his newly designed houses."

B.A., Architecture, Massachusetts Instittute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, 1952.



Born in New York, NY, Perry M. Neuschatz spent his youth in that city. He attended the Franklin School at 18 West 89th Street in New York, where he was Class President and was active in many school activities. From at least 1930 until 1940, the Neuschatz Family resided on Central Park West on New York's Upper West Side. In 1930, the family paid $283 per month in rent, significantly more than the other 80 or so tenants of the same building who paid on average about $215 for apartments at 327 Central Park West. In 1940, they continued to live at 327 Central Park West, the household consisting of Perry's parents, his sister, Frances, who was 10 years older, and his maternal grandparents, Sigmund (born c. 1870 in Romania) and Esther Fichman (born c. 1874 in Romania).

He moved to Cambridge, MA, to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he was a member of the Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity.

He migrated to CA after graduating from MIT. Over the years, he resided at 2840 Seattle Drive, Los Angeles, CA, (c. 1960-1970), 4185 Colfax Avenue in North Hollywood, CA, 1644 Waudman Avenue, Stockton, CA, 341 G Street in San Rafael, CA, 195 Buchanan Drive in Sausalito, CA, 99 Filbert Avenue, Sausalito, and 57 Lincoln Drive in Sausalito (1992).


His father was Gerald Neuschatz (born 04/23/1894 in Romania-d. 03/15/1966 in New York, NY), his mother Freda Fichman (born 10/23/1897 in New York, NY-d. 02/1973 in New York, NY). They married on 09/10/1918 in New York, NY. Gerald Neuschatz came to the US from Romania in about 1905, and became a physician, an otolaryngologist, who received his medical degree from Long Island College Hospital Medical School in 1916. He directed the otolaryngology department at Sydenham Hospital for many years. (See New York Times, "Dr. Gerald Neuschatz," 03/28/1966, p. 33.)

Freda managed the household. Gerald and Freda had two children, Frances H. Neuschatz Steuer (born 08/19/1920 in the Bronx, NY) and Perry.


He was engaged to marry Royce Schaffer, who attended the Albany Academy for Girls and Wellesley College. She was named to Phi Beta Kappa at Wellesley. They were to wed in the summer of 1954, according to a New York Times announcement of the engagment. (See New York Times, "Royce Schaffer Engaged to Wed," 05/15/1954, p. 119.)

He married Cathy Anne Morphy Neuschatz (born 1944-d. 08/26/2011 in San Rafael, CA). She had worked as a teacher at Saint Rose Elementary School in Santa Rosa, CA.


He had three children: Joanna Neuschatz (Perry's step-daughter), who lived in Sausalito, CA, in 1996, and Andrew Neuschatz of San Francisco, and Matthew Neuschatz of Chino Hills, CA.

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