Male, born 09/18/1895, died 12/02/1981

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Harrison and Abramovitz, Architects

Professional History

Draftsman, McKim, Mead and White, Architects, New York, NY, 1916-1917, c. 1920-1921; Draftsman, Bertram G. Goodhue, Architect, New York, NY, c. 1922; Draftsman, Raymond M. Hood, Architect, New York, NY, c. 1925-1927; Partner, Helmle and Corbett, Architects, New York, NY, 1927-1935; Partner, Harrison and [J. André] Fouilhoux, Architects, New York, NY, 1935-1941; Partner, Harrison, Fouilhoux and Abramovitz, Architects, New York, NY, 1941-1945; Partner, Harrison and Abramovitz, Architects, New York, NY, 1945-1978;

Associate Professor, Yale University, School of Architecture, New Haven, CT, 1939-1942;


Attended night classes in the studio of Harvey Wiley Corbett, Architect, c. 1916-1917; coursework, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France, 1919, worked in the Atelier of Colonel Gustave Umbdenstock;

Awarded a Rotch Traveling Scholarship, for travel in Europe and Egypt, Syria, Greece and France, and to enable him to study for a year at the American Academy, Rome, Italy, 1921.


Married Ellen Milton, sister-in-law of Abby Rockefeller, in 1926;

He worked on Rockefeller Center from 1929-1930s, and designed the Trylon and Perisphere at the 1939 New York World's Fair, New York, NY. United Nations Secretary General Trygve Lie appointed Harrison Director of Planning for the construction of the United Nations Building, New York, New York, c. 01/1947. Harrison moved in high society circles, enabling him to land coveted commissions, such as Harrison and Abromovitz's New York Philharmonic Hall, New York, NY, (1962), (renamed Avery Fisher Hall in 1972).

Associated Locations

  • New York, NY (Architect's Death)
    New York, NY

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  • Worcester, MA (Architect's Birth)
    Worcester, MA

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